New York City Opera Files For Bankruptcy

Former Hells Angels leader slams New York beating after motorcycle chase

The patrons of the arts in New York City voted with their dollars and gave their money to other organizations, Gavin said in a phone interview before the bankruptcy was filed. Do we have too many operas? Probably. Christopher Koelsch, the chief executive officer of LA Opera in Los Angeles , said New York City Operas closing doesnt mean the biggest U.S. city cant support two operas. Such institutions must be flexible, vigilant and constantly making their case to their constituencies, he said. I would argue in a city of New Yorks size, cultural sophistication and resources that it would be possible to have two entirely vibrant and distinct opera companies, Koelsch said in a phone interview before the filing. The bankruptcy is a good time to pause and reflect on just how fragile some of these institutions are. Urgent Notice The company last week posted an urgent notice on its website seeking donations to help raise $20 million, including $7 million it said it needed by Sept. 30 for the current season. The remaining productions for this season were Johann Christian Bachs Endimione, Bela Bartoks Bluebeards Castle and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts The Marriage of Figaro, according to the website. The company sat out the 2008-09 season, while the New York State Theater (renamed for donor David Koch ) was renovated. In late 2008 and early 2009, the board of directors used $24 million from its endowment to meet payroll and other obligations and hasnt been able to repay it, according to the filing. City Operas endowment totaled $5.02 million for fiscal year 2012, down from $9 million a year earlier and $55 million several years ago, according to the filing. The endowment lost $14 million during the stock market decline, the company said in the filing.

Why Jon Beason Will Help the New York Giants Defense

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He continued at that pace until 2011, when his season ended early with the torn left Achilles tendon. While Beason has only played in seven games since his injury, he still brings valuable experience and leadership to a New York defense that lacks those qualities at the linebacker position. Beasons leadership can already be seen, as he is doing everything he can to get on the field and help the team on Sunday, via ProFootballTalk.coms Michael David Smith . I know Ill come in tomorrow early and meet the coaches and Ill get my linebacker coach [Jim Herrmann] and were going to cram , Beason said. If they ask me to, Ill dress [Sunday] and Ill give everything I have. . . . Its just going to be terminology. Im a smart player. I learn fast.

, who suffered a broken spine and other serious injuries, according to Gloria Allred, his defense attorney. Allred said Mieses may be paralyzed. “These guys just saw one of their friends get run over by an SUV,” Christie said. “I dont know if you’ve ever seen someone on a motorcycle get hit by a car — that takes off– let me tell you: it affects you.” Christie made clear that there is no excuse for the beating, but said the riders appeared to be acting on emotion . He said you can compare the feeling of riding with a group with the sensation of being in a charging army. “There’s a lot of power; it’s very seductive.” The helmet-cam video cuts out when the riders catch up to Lien and one uses his helmet as a hammer to smash in his driver’s side window. Christie said Lien was grossly outnumbered and the fact that the bikers, considering their frenzy, only left Lien with two black eyes and a cut on his face that required stitches indicates that they exercised some restraint. “Maybe they noticed the mom and kid looking on,” Christie said. Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, has said that her family’s sympathies go out to Mieses, but that they had to flee a dangerous situation. She said her husband was trying to protect her and their child. Jerry Langton wrote several books on motorcycle clubs, including a profile on Walter Stadnick, the founder of the Hells Angels in Canada. Langton said the riders who appeared in the video are far from being a true motorcycle club.