Morgan Spurlock Working On New Project Focused On ‘celebrity And Fame,’ Seen Among Paparazzi Following Celebs Kim Kardashian And Julianne Hough

Morgan had a film crew with him as he snapped photos of Kim Kardashian at the airport.

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Is Obamacare’s celebrity enrollee actually signed up?

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Morgan Spurlock is turning his lens on Hollywoods hardcore paparazzi for a new project on superstardom, the Daily News has learned. The Academy Award-nominated documentarian joined a swarm of shutterbugs vying for a shot of Kim Kardashian Wednesday as she scurried out of Los Angeles International Airport after a return flight from Paris. Splash News Morgan had a film crew with him as he snapped photos of Kim Kardashian at the airport. He also was snapped trailing behind actress and Dancing With The Stars cutie Julianne Hough as she tried to remain incognito with a hat and sunglasses outside an American Airlines gate. The filmmaker, 42, held a high-powered camera in both pictures and got well within striking distance of the two starlets. INFPhoto Morgan Spurlock focuses his camera on Julianne Hough in Los Angeles. It’s for a project on celebrity and fame, Spurlocks spokesman David Magdael told the Daily News. Its for a project that hasnt been announced yet. Hes in the field shooting. The NYU grad gained widespread fame with the Oscar-nominated 2004 docudrama Super Size Me and 2008s Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden. Diabolik/Splash News Morgan Spurlock takes pictures of Kim Kardashian arriving at LAX Airport on Oct. 2. He did little to disguise his identity at LAX Wednesday, wearing jeans, a blue shirt and the signature, super-sized mustache thats become part of his brand. His interest in fame as a subject likely was influenced by his most recent hit film One Direction: This Is Us, a 3-D concert movie about the massively popular British boy band One Direction. I dont think people realize how much effort goes into being a global pop star, he told NBC News about the pop music project.